About Us

Sovereignty Company is a sustainable circular social enterprise and nonprofit. We empower fashion entrepreneurs of color to collectively solve climate change and inclusion challenges. We are redefining and disrupting neo luxe fashion, equitable wealth creation, and creative workforce economy through our nonprofit, Fashion CEOs Accelerator, sustainable fashion brand, SO.TY, and impact fund.


Our mission is to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs of colors, leaders, innovators, companies, policymakers, and everyday people to create climate-neutral fashion solutions.


By 2050 our vision is to realize a diverse, inclusive, equitable, prosperous, and circular fashion society for BIPOC communities.

We Are Aligned With The UN SDGs

4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, and 13 and the Paris Agreement on climate change, and the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, sponsored by the United Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Our Values:

  • Equitable Wealth = everyone deserves to feel wealthy (social, emotional, financial, mental, spiritual) and worthy in a circular economy.
  • Transparency = our goal is not to be perfect, but honest, genuine and true in getting our stakeholders abreast of progress and performance.
  • Climate Action = we choose not to sit and observe globe warming, but instead be the backbone, engine, and heart to reverse negative environmental impact by 2050 through regenerative fashion. We believe in limitless stewardship of our planet through climate action.
  • Co creation = we believe in the magic of using our individual genius and entrepreneurial spirit to co create a circular neo fashion society through creative problem solving and innovative solutions.
  • Community = the world and humanity is better when we unite as a whole body to share our superpowers, natural resources, generosity and voices as a force for good. We serve our ancestors, current and future generations. Future fashion entrepreneurs are our heart center.

Our Impact Verticals

Fashion CEOs Accelerator
Non-Profit Organization

Is a first-of-its-kind no cost and non-equity program to help fashion designers and...

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Vision 33 Impact Fund
Non diluted and diluted capital

We support BIPOC ESG fashion founders.

Neo Lux Fashion

Is a sustainable luxury menswear brand founded in 2020 by Neil Montgomery.


Past Accelerator Cohort 001

Rachel Litiatco
Shobha Philips
Charles Harbison
Sonia Smith Kang
Akua Shabaka and Rebecca L. Henry

Past Accelerator Mentors

Kenny Anderson

Sr. Executive and Leader of
Global Luxury Brands

Elliot Carlyle

Creative Consultant &
Innovation Strategist

Janie Chang

Creative Director, Strategist, Designer, Brand Development and Sourcing expert

Red Godfrey

VP of Creative

Tara St. James

VP of Supply Chain, Sustainability and Culture

Joanne Yulan Jong

ESG sustainability and
brand consultant

Vision 33

A 10 Year Runway To Focus On Strategic Impact

$14M – Impact fund – non-diluted and diluted

$5.5M invested in 100 BIPOC sustainable and circular fashion design businesses owned by founders of color through non-diluted capital; and $8M invested in sustainable and circular fashion tech companies through equity capital with accelerator program support.

Global Impact fund with a new definition for ROI in venture philanthropy, climate action, and equitable wealth for communities of color.


$10M – People, operation, programming, education, and training

A new workforce that includes equitable and fair living wage benefits for all employees, redefining work through an 11-member team. A team that loves what they do, feels supported, driven, and committed in their respective roles, and aligned with the vision and mission.

A scalable program impact and operations model as a viable solution to achieving #netzero climate impact, redistributing equitable wealth, transformative sustainable communities, and a catalyst for a circular fashion ecosystem.


$4M – Building acquisition and green retrofit

Respected home and hub for creatives, entrepreneurs, and collaborators to scale sustainable ideas, products, and experiences in circular economy and fashion innovation. Provided 1000 hours in sustainable and circular fashion biz and workforce education, training, and advising. 10,000+ fashion and sustainability entrepreneurs, industry leaders, companies, and community members reached through sustainability education, networking, and community building experiences and events.


$5M – Digital media content creation and short film and documentary production

A diverse creative pipeline that is reshaping the climate action story narrative to drive viewers towards meaningful change. A content creation and production business partnership model with revenue share options.

Content creators, fashion entrepreneurs, and industry leaders teaming up to produce 10 mini docu-series and a catalog of 1000+ assets that is sold, distributed, and available across multimedia, film, and streaming channels in alignment with industry DEI and ESG business and impact goals.


Neil Montgomery

Founder and CEO

Trish Langman

Program Knowledge and Content Lead, Fashion CEOs Accelerator

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Non-Profit Organization

Is a first-of-its-kind no cost and non-equity program to help fashion designers and entrepreneurs of color design and launch sustainable and circular business models.

All entrepreneurs receive a $50,000 non-diluted cash grant, 8 months of immersive education and training, peer support, hands-on mentorship, and connections to a network of sustainability and circular fashion experts to help them succeed in business and impact.


New Lux Fashion

SO.TY is a neo luxe sustainable fashion brand founded on the belief that the clothes we wear can transform how we engage with the world and boldly love ourselves. Honoring modern vintage American menswear craftsmanship, the brand infuses sustainability, optimism, blended culture, bold colors, and high quality materials to render timeless garments.